Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 word personality type descriptions

Here are descriptions of each of the personality types, in 10 words a la telegram.
  • ISTJ - Quietly commanding, decisive, suspicious, strict, desires social assistance, underdeveloped humor.
  • ISFJ - Stubborn, attempts to be moral, kind-hearted, moody under the surface.
  • INFJ - strong empathy, outwardly optimistic, too much idealism, gentle, well-humored.
  • INTJ - analytical, forward-thinking, socially self-conscious but otherwise confident, independent, disciplined, well-intentioned.
  • ISTP - mellow, independent, pragmatic, disdains some social rules, but lives ethically.
  • ISFP - independent, emotionally perceptive, strives for aesthetics, sometimes perfectionist, service-oriented.
  • INFP - idealistic dreamer, abstract-thinking focused on emotions, laid-back, misplaced logical aggression.
  • INTP - unconventional, borderline rebellious, nerdy pursuits and interests, laid-back, usually sarcastic.
  • ESTP - gregarious, enthusiastic, perceptive, initiative-taking, ignores rules in favor of action.
  • ESFP - social butterfly, upbeat, holds grudges, can be stubborn, observant, hands-on.
  • ENFP - charming, enthusiastic, bright personality, always doing new things, strong values.
  • ENTP - detached, visionary, inventive, enthusiastic when discussing ideas, can be awkward.
  • ESTJ - community-oriented, old-fashioned, practical, straight-forward, aggressive but conscientious, boisterous, well-humored.
  • ESFJ - generous, warm, enthusiastic, values social involvement, seeks comfort and structure.
  • ENFJ - advanced people skills, confident, dramatically charming, fast-paced, requires intense relationships.
  • ENTJ - career-focused, strategic, natural leader, loves debating, seeks challenges, hidden sentimentality.

These descriptions were inspired by my own observations, as well as the the mood descriptions here:

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