Saturday, May 5, 2012

introversion vs. extraversion

In the realm of personality typing, the words "introversion" and "extraversion" don't simply refer to how shy or how boisterous somebody is. Rather, they are a description of how people engage with the world. An extrovert needs external stimuli to keep themselves engaged, while an introvert is generally preoccupied with their own feelings and thoughts. So an extrovert gains energy when they meet other people and interact in the "real" world, whereas the introvert gains energy by spending time alone. An extrovert will grow lethargic if isolated from other people whereas the introvert will be drained of energy the longer they are in social situations.

This doesn't necessarily mean that an introvert will despise socializing--on the contrary, any Feeling type will actively seek out or at least long for social interaction, and Thinking types will be welcome to socializing as long as they can discuss their hobbies or interests. In the same way, extroverts aren't always gregarious and bluntly sociable--a good example is the ENFp, who can be outwardly calm and often shy away from being the center of attention. But because of their extroverted nature, they will constantly seek new, interesting pursuits, and keep their schedules filled with friendly rendezvous and various extracurricular activities.

The Extravert:
  • gains energy by socializing
  • has low energy levels when alone
  • is focused on their surroundings
  • fears burning out
The Introvert:
  • gains energy by spending time alone
  • is drained of energy when socializing
  • is focused on their own thoughts
  • fears being overlooked

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