Monday, May 7, 2012

function comparison: feeling vs. thinking

Of the different aspects of personality typing, determining whether someone is a Feeling type or Thinking type is the most straightforward and probably the easiest to self-type. Ask yourself, am I a feeler or a thinker? Am I good at logic? Am I good at understanding people's emotions? It is similarly easy to ask these questions of other people and get an accurate typing.

A Thinking type:
  • easily understands logic
  • persuades using facts and reasoning
  • doubts their own and others' feelings
  • focuses on task completion and tangible accomplishment
  • depends on established social norms or a social role model

A Feeling type:
  • easily understands others' feelings and motivations
  • persuades by appealing to emotions
  • doubts their evaluation of situation involving logic or technical knowledge
  • focuses on enhancing relationships
  • depends on external resources (i.e. technical books, field experts)

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