Friday, May 25, 2012

infj Model A overview

I'll have more general post on Model A, but I wanted to do some individual type analysis. So this is the first of a series of Model A analyses--we'll start with INFJ.


Base function - Introverted Feeling
Strong empathy and sensitivity to the relationships between people, especially between themselves and others. Places high value on loyalty and moral consistency.

Creative function - Extraverted Intuition
Attuned to the potential of things, especially people's capabilities. Tries to guide others in reaching their potential and constantly seeks to improve themselves, with a developed sense of their ideal self. Often this makes them self-critical.

Role function - Introverted Logic
Uncomfortable with pure logic and rationalizing, preferring to see and judge things in terms of morality or good/bad. Easily frustrated by logical problems, they fall back to solutions borne from their intuition. Does not dismiss a logical approach to problem-solving, but cannot sustain a logical mindset for prolonged periods.

Vulnerable function - Extraverted Sensing
Shies away from direct conflict, can be uncomfortable or easily distracted in situations where they are in a authoritarian role. Tries to stay out of people's way. Avoids/dislikes/rejects people who have a forceful nature without moral backing.

Suggestive function - Extraverted Logic
Values efficiency and productivity, although they have trouble achieving those things. Constantly seeks knowledge and wisdom on enhancing their productivity, as well as feedback on the effectiveness of their methods for getting things done.

Mobilizing function - Introverted Sensing
Values comfort and relaxing situations. Because of their self-critical nature, they build up stress and often require others to prompt them to relax. Creating a comfortable home is of great importance, although theirs will tend to be less organized and less professional--a home that is comfortable and very personal.

Ignoring function - Extraverted Feeling
They can be very skilled at maintaining or contributing to a lively social environment, especially when they are comfortable with their surroundings and their company, but uses these behaviors only in selected situations.

Demonstrative function - Introverted Intuition
Willingly tries to interpret dreams and omens. Enjoys and can contribute discussions about fantasies, dreams, and ideals, but sees little practical use in such discussions, preferring to think about realistic possibilities.

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