Tuesday, May 15, 2012

what's my personality type?

I've self-tested as an INFJ ever since I began exploring personality type theory, and I've consistently tested INFj/EII ever since discovering socionics. I'll do some more formal posts on INFJs and all of the other types, but I'll leave you with some notes:

What do I like about being an INFJ?
  • easy to relate to and understand almost everyone
  • easy to tell who can and cannot be trusted
  • instinctive mediator/peacemaker
  • good reputation in the office stemming from strong work ethic and amiable nature
What bothers me about being an INFJ?
  • it's an effort to be assertive
  • rely too much on gut feelings rather than rationalization
  • unreasonably high expectations of the people close to me
  • care too much about my own flaws

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