Thursday, July 5, 2012

enfp Model A overview

Another Model A analysis--this time we'll look at the ENFP. The ENFP is a mirror type of the INFJ, that is to say, they share the same dominant functions (introverted feeling, extraverted intuition), but the ENFP is a perceiving type while the INFJ is a judging type. Moreover, the ENFP has an extraverted base function and thus has extraverted tendencies. Let's take a closer look...


Base function - Extraverted Intuition
Sees things in terms of their potential, very idealistic. Great at starting new projects and motivating others.

Creative function - Introverted Feeling
Quickly establishes seemingly intimate relationships with others through their dialogue--charming, but not necessarily in a boisterous or gregarious way. Very interested in people.

Role function - Extraverted Sensing
Not particularly straightforward, prefers to persuade rather than coerce.

Vulnerable function - Introverted Logic
Avoids logical problems, they rely on experience and intuition when dealing with problematic situations.

Suggesting function - Introverted Sensing
They greatly enjoy relaxing activities--fine dining, watching movies, hikes, etc, but will always do these things with their knowledgeable associates.

Mobilizing function - Extraverted Logic
Attempts to be productive, they will [initially] work extended hours on their work or personal projects in an effort to make progress, but will become easily distracted. Needs a constant sense of achievement of some kind.

Ignoring function - Introverted Intuition
They are able to have discussions of an imaginative nature (dreams, fantasies, etc), but prefer and will eventually drive conversations towards more realistic possibilities.

Demonstrative function - Extraverted Feeling
They have a natural ability to create or contribute to a lively social situation but they will do so at their own discretion, often ironically or to prove a point.

...honestly, these Model A breakdowns are kind of tedious and I don't find them particularly interesting to do. I think moving forward I'll have more casual discussions of each type.

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