Monday, February 18, 2013

how to recognize an ENFp

There are many excellent descriptions of the ENFp (Intuitive Ethical Extravert out there, so I'll try to refrain from a rehash of all of those articles. But I'd like to take this opportunity to provide some of my personal observations of the type and how to know if you're in the presence of one.

  1. The ENFp is very charming without being overbearing or obvious. They can sometimes even be perceived as shy or withdrawn, especially at first, but the truth is that they are social creatures and quite adept at networking and can quickly create a sense of intimacy with just about anyone. This stems from their Introverted Feeling creative function mixed with their need for external stimuli, as an extrovert.
  2. The ENFp has a large number of acquaintances from varying social circles, but has few close friends. Introverted Feeling as a creative function means that while they enjoy intimate conversation, they are not as concerned with forging lasting relationships.
  3. The ENFp is always starting new projects or initiatives but has trouble with or isn't particularly concerned with finishing them. They see and chase potential opportunities via their Extraverted Intuition but hindered by their Perceiving mentality when it comes to execution.
  4. The ENFp loves fancy meals but isn't particularly pretentious about it. I think this is a result of having Introverted Sensing as a suggestive function (i.e. desire for good food/ambiance but weak at creating/understanding it for themselves), combined with their Extravert and Feeling tendencies.
  5. The ENFp dresses conservatively, but stylishly. I can't really back this one up using theory, but I've noticed that all of the ENFps I know dress themselves well, generally avoiding super-casual or super-modern clothes. They'll stick to tried-and-true styles, making sure they fit well.
  6. The ENFp [generally] has a thin body type. Males [generally] have average physical features whereas females [generally] have attractive physical features. But regardless of their looks, male and female ENFp's are both very capable of making themselves attractive to potential mates.


  1. Wow, i can really connect to it. I'm an ENFP myself. Need to ask permission from you to repost it on my blog :)

  2. Very true. I was wondering if it was an ENFP thing to pick a certain way of dressing and stick to it, but yes, reading over this, I realize that we make it part of our identity, so wearing something recognizable is key for us to making a lasting impression. :)

  3. the 5th piont is very true , I was annoyed when very often I came to read that enfps tend to wear weired, outstanding bright colored stuff with bizarre tattoos this stereotype did really vex me for being an enfp that never was the case .. a simple stylish black dress will do for me( needless to mention tattoos which i really loathe) .

  4. Well, speaking as an ENFP (and comparing this to what people have said about me), pretty much everything sounds like me... except the thing about physical appearance and build. I'm 6ft-5 and built like a pro rugby player. Guess I'm a rare exception!

  5. I'm an ENFP and value social mobility and the ability to blend in. I want to make sure I'm approved of by as many angles as possible and am almost shady in how I hide myself (inwardly and outwardly) so that I can play the right cards no matter what the situation.