Thursday, February 28, 2013

how to recognize an INFp

There are many excellent descriptions of the INFp (Intuitive Ethical Introvert) out there, so I'll try to refrain from a rehash of all of those articles. But I'd like to take this opportunity to provide some of my personal observations of the type and how to know if you're in the presence of one.
  1. The INFp is a romantic. And not just concerning matters of love--INFp's desire a life drawn from movies and fairytales. They are idealists, dreamers, poets, etc, and they care strongly about beauty in art and in life. The INFp's head is often in the clouds--when you are in a conversation with one, it is not unusual for them to appear distracted by thought, only to interject with a seemingly off-topic comment or observation.
  2. The INFp is an optimist. Though their lives are often far from ideal, the INFp is always notably optimistic about their prospects and future. It isn't that they don't understand sometimes harsh realities of life, but the majority of their thoughts are focused on larger ideas concerning the human condition. Outside of sporadic (and usually private) bouts of brooding, they remain positive and they love to joke, generally having a playful, albeit subdued demeanor.
  3. The INFp is quietly sociable. Here is another case where "introvert" does not correlate with "anti-social"--in fact, the INFp is very curious about people and has an interest in creating and sustaining positive emotions when interacting with other people. They have a strong control over their own emotions and can easily use them to influence the people around him.
  4. The INFp is both serious and frivolous, simultaneously. Somehow in conversation, INFp's are uniquely able to mix humor with serious emotion very naturally and sincerely. This stems from their tendency for contemplation (Introverted Intuition) combined with their ability to create a positive emotional atmosphere (Extraverted Feeling).
  5. The INFp is impractical. Like most of the intuitive-feelers, the INFp has little capacity for practical matters. They can have poor impulse control when it comes to purchases. Strangely, they can sometimes be successful when it comes to business matters--a side effect of their particular social skills and ability to be passionate about things.
  6. The INFp is [generally] slim and has a characteristic shy grin. This is true of both males and females. Having an attractive, elegant appearance plays into their romantic imaginations and they can go to great lengths to maintain that appearance. [Note: I have no idea where the grin comes from, but it's very noticeable on INFp's].


  1. INFPs have extroverted intuition and introverted feeling. I think you're mixing them up with INFJs.

    1. INFJ (In the Jung test/ mbti test) = INFP in Socionics

  2. hi GSC - i use a socionics-based approach to typing, which has the functions flipped around. apologies for the confusion. i'm still working on how to reconcile the two approaches in this blog...

  3. I think this is a good and sweet summary of the socionics infp (iei) type. I've been typed as one and I think your points describe me quite well.