Monday, June 17, 2013

how to recognize an INTj

There are many excellent descriptions of the INTj (Logical Intuitive Introvert) out there, so I'll try to refrain from a rehash of all of those articles. But I'd like to take this opportunity to provide some of my personal observations of the type and how to know if you're in the presence of one.
  1. The INTj is restrained. In their most natural state they are contemplative and serious. In social situations they are often unsure of themselves and they prefer that others take the lead in conversation.
  2. The INTj is a good [technical] communicator. When explaining or debating things related to their area of expertise, they are precise and confident when speaking. They are engaging in conversation but will usually maintain a certain amount of self-control, even when they are passionate about the subject being discussed.
  3. The INTj is rational. INTjs are logical thinkers and approach almost all situations objectively. They desire stability in their lives.
  4. The INTj is farsighted. They think in terms of overall strategy and focus on trends and patterns as opposed to minute details.
  5. The INTj is confident in work, less confident in relationships. In their area of expertise, they can be consumed by work and will be driven to get results. They prefer to work independently and without hinderances (i.e. corporate politics or bureaucracy) but will find ways to be successful, if they are interested in their projects. However, in their personal lives, INTjs have problems understanding feelings and emotions and thus avoid frivolous socializing--they will usually have a narrow circle of long-lived friendships.
  6. The INTj is [usually] thin and physically clumsy. This is true of males and females. They tend to dress conservatively and their wardrobes are typically very repetitive. When interacting with people, especially strangers, they are prone to nervousness.

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